So, I noticed that it has been exactly a month since the last time I said I was going to do better.   And guess what…I haven’t.  I’ve been horrible and terrible and ravenously pig-esque,  It’s just ugly.  I’ve come to the point of utter disgust with myself.  I’ve come to the point of…

NO MORE.  I just can’t feel this gross anymore.  I refuse to let my BODY control me.  I am in control of my BODY, not the other way around.  So here were are.  FULL DISCLOSURE. 

I am up to 185.  Yes I’ve been higher. But still….eww for me. 

Bust: 43

Waist: 39

Hips: 43

Thigh: 25.5

Calf: 15

Both Arms (at bicep): 12


As of today….NO MORE:

Sugar, colas, sugary drinks in general.  

Cheese.  (It’s true.  It is addicting.  More on that later.)

Chips, cookies and trash food.  

Animals. Aside from maybe a fish.  Still undecided.  

Bullshit excuses.   That’s my biggest weakness.  Bullshit reasons for why I have come to this point.  I actually wrote about them on the first draft.  But my child pushed some key on the keyboard, erasing the whole blog.  And for that I am thankful.  Because it was just a long list of BS.

Here I am.  Sick of being a fat ass.  Again.  But most of all, sick of standing in my own way.  No more.  IT BEGINS NOW. 






So I have been bad lately.  Like REALLLLLLY bad.  Like 6 lbs bad.  That may not seem like a lot, but really, it is.  I have not been watching what I eat AT ALL.  And I’ve been drinking a bit more.  AND I haven’t been working out.  I could blame the lack of exercise on the fact that I switched gyms, but cancelled my old one LONG before my new one was ready to open.  Though this is true and the new gym is taking WAY too damn long and is SOOOOOO behind schedule, that does NOT mean I can’t work out at home. 

It also does not mean that it is OK to eat like a fatty either.  But I have been.  I have become addicted to sugar (which is strange for me since I am really a salt lover.)  

Be that as it may, I am miserable.  I saw my reflection in a window today, as I sat there eating fries, and was DISGUSTED. It is time to make a change.  Time to get back in gear and bust my ass.  

So tonight, I am starting with my least favorite thing ever, a gall bladder and liver cleanse.  I need to get my body back in gear.  And this is almost a punishment for my bad choices.  This cleanse is never fun, but it gets rid of the icky to help me get started. 

So here goes.  Starting AGAIN at 184.6 lbs.   I would say WISH ME LUCK, but this does not call for luck.  It calls for discipline and tough love.  And lots of toilet paper (for the next 2 days….)


10 benefits of a plant based diet.

This is GREAT list of 10 awesomeocities about plant-based living. Loved this blog and wants to share 🙂

Health, Wealth & Baby


10 benefits I have experienced from a plant based diet:

1- More energy! Eating living plants energizer the body like no other. The digest quickly and are packed with nutrients, amino acids and vitamins and minerals. How can you not feel amazing?!

2- Weight loss! No portion control and no calorie counting! Plants are low calorie and satisfy your sweet and savoury tooth.

3- Hydration. Water packed foods such as fruit and vegetables are very hydrating. The body naturally detoxifies itself, keep this process going (aka flowing) by eating beautifully hydrating plant foods.

4- Better workouts. The carbohydrates in fruits and vegetables absorb quickly into the body and are immediately available as fuel for your workouts.

5- Anti-aging. Vitamin-c is one of the many antioxidants and vitamins packed into the plants that nurture the skin. Also the hydrating aspect leaves the skin supple, not thin and dehydrated.

6- Improved…

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Plant-Based Diet?


So I am thinking, more like SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING and ALMOST POSITIVE, about starting a completely plant-based diet.  I shouldn’t call it a “diet,” as it would not be a phase, but rather a lifestyle.  So yeah…a plant-based LIFESTYLE.

I have been reading and learning SO much about all of the issues and problems that meat (and dairy/animals) cause.  (PLEASE watch the documentary and/or read the book FORKS OVER KNIVES.  YES….I buy into what they are saying.)

There are so many GREAT reasons to go all plant, and SO FEW (if any) reasons to keep eating meats and dairy.  There is more than enough protein and calcium, along with other vitamins, to be found in plants and grains.

My question for you guys…what are your thoughts on this?  I would love to hear from you!

REBLOG! ***** (18) A Conversation With Your High School Self

I absolutely LOVED this blog. Wanted to share with more people!!!

The Journey To Me

 Dear High School Self, 

                                      You are enough just as you are. God made you beautiful and you are. Don’t worry about all of those crushes, they won’t matter in the long run. All of those quirky things that you love, keep loving them. The high school job that you had that your coach looked down upon, yeah you should have kept it. 

     All of your English teachers who told you that you couldn’t write, don’t worry, you will have even awesome’er teachers who will guide you and encourage your writing. You are not a horrible writer, you just didn’t have inspirational teachers who could help mold your words(yes, it wasn’t right that you had to teach yourself grammar and composition in jr. high). 

     Don’t just read your…

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Fitness Wristbands

I Am on the market for the RIGHT fitness wristband.  Not the coolest.  Not the cheapest, nor the most expensive.  Not the cutest.  The RIGHT one.

I am leaning more and more toward the Fitbit Flex. The specs are nicee ( ) and it seems to fit all of what I am needing and wanting.

But what do you guys think?  Which ones do you all have and what do you like about them?  Please comment, because I Would LOVE some feedback.  I am planning on purchasing one this weekend.  I just want to make sure I pick the best one for me!

Thanks in advance.


I am from Alabama… but I PRIDE myself on my lack of redneckyocity. (Yes, I made that word up.) I have good grammar, an impressive vocabulary and am well read.  I do not have much of a typical southern drawl.  I do not date many southern boys.  But let me be very clear in my feelings when it comes to the Iron Bowl & AUburn and Alabama…..

WAR DAMN EAGLE, Y’all!   & furthermore….


Have a nice day! 😉